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Rockaway featured in South African Surf Magazine

“The BOMB Surf”, a quarterly surf magazine for South Africa recently ran a story on Rockaway titled “A-Train to Rockaway”. One of the editors was in town doing the story over the winter. He contacted us here at NYCWATERSHOTS about a few images. They also used some photos from Eric L cooper. Rockaway is definitely on the up and up in the surf world. Here’s just some more proof. And congrats to our photogs who’s images were featured as well! Read the full story here SUMMER 2011 ISSUE

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Bobby Martinez Interview – After the Quik Pro NY

Watch the Video of Bobby Martinez talking about the behind scenes drama of the WCT and the World Professional Surfers (WPS), the only body representing professional surfers themselves, which was formed in 2001 to safeguard pro surfers’ interests both during and after their surfing careers. All surfers on the World Championship Tour are signatories of the organization.

Bottom Line – Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover!

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Relentless ‘Powers of Three’ – Full Movie

One of the best surf movies I have ever seen. Its been out a while but I want everyone to check it out. Watch in full screen mode and grab some sick headphones.

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